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Why are we the best option?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We verify all flats to ensure we offer you the best rooms at fair prices

The Best Location

With our search bar, finding the perfect flat next to your campus or workplace couldn't be easier

Real Information

amigoflats regularly visits all of its flats so we can promise that all information published is 100% true

You're Not Alone

Even right up to your last day as an amigoflats tenant, we will continue to give you constant support and will provide resolution to any possible problems that could occur in your flat or with your landlords

The Perfect Flatmates

Our aim is that you live in perfect harmony. That's why we find flatmates who have a similar profile to you

Arrange a visit

We resolve all of your queries before, during and after the reservation process and if you are already in the city, we can organise viewings to whichever flat you are interested in, if you'd like to check it out in person first before reserving

Social Network

You can get to know not just all of your flatmates before your arrival but also all of the tenants in every flat in the amigoflats network... and should you wish you change room or flat, you can!

Fair Contracts

We negotiate and verify all clauses in our given contracts. That way we avoid that any landlord is able to make you sign a misleading contract that isn't in your best interest

Happyerasmus Card

All amigoflats tenants are entitled to the Happyerasmus Wellcome Pack... for free! There you'll be sure to make thousands of friends and you will enjoy discounts on the best trips and excursions