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Our rooms are specifically for students and young adults who, for work or study reasons, come to live in our fantastic city and who wish to have an incredible multicultural experience by living with people from different countries and cultures, all of whom have similar profiles and are similar in age and occupation. We only allow people between the ages of 18 and 30 (approx.), who are coming to our city to study, to work or to do some sort of related activity to live in our flats. Living with people who have the same profile as you means that you´ll be sure to have an unforgettable and unique experience

Welcome to the best year of your life!

Live the multicultural experience with amigoflats

No. amigoflats is a free service and for a limited time only,if your contract is for 10 months or longer, the 100€ paid at the time of reserving is discounted from the amount left pending to pay when you arrive at the flat and sign your contract with the landlord. With this option, you do not lose any of your money, it is returned to you 100%

Yes. If your reservation is for less than 10 months, you'll also pay at the time of reserving an additional 100€ service charge (200€ in total) which helps us to cover the costs of our platform and to be able to continue offering you 24/7 support throughout your entire contract. When you arrive the flat and sign the contract with the landlord, the 100€ reservation payment will be discounted from the amount you need to pay, but the 100€ service charge will not

If before arriving in the flat and signing your contract with the landlord you decide to change your contract duration:
- If you change your contract from 10 months to 5 months, instead of deducting the 100€ reservation payment from the total you have to pay upon arrival, it shall be kept by amigoflats to cover the service charge costs for contracts that are 10 months or shorter
- If you change your contract from 5 months to 10 months, instead of charging you the 100€ service charge, this, alongside the 100€ reservation payment also paid at the time of booking (200€ in total), will be discounted from the total you have to pay upon arrival (10 month contract promotion available for a limited time only)

Reservations can be cancelled up to one month before your contract start date. The amigoflats service fee is non-refundable. If you have reserved for 10 months or shorter, the 100€ reservation payment will be returned to you only (200€ - 100€ = 100€ returned). If you have reserved for 10 months or longer, the 100€ paid at the time of booking in concept of the reservation payment will be kept by amigoflats to cover the service costs (100€-100€ = 0€ returned)

Yes. Although amigoflats guarantees that the information published corresponds fully to how the flat and room really are by personally visiting the flats periodically, if in some extreme case this were to happen, your entire reservation payment (and the amigoflats service charge for 10 month or shorter contracts) would be refunded to you and we would help you to find another flat for free of charge, regardless of which contract you were to choose

Yes. You can change flats for free of charge, so long as you have not yet signed the contract with the landlord. If you would like to change rooms in the same flat that you have already reserved a room in, then there is no problem, so long as the new room is still available and no one has already reserved it for the same period

We only allow one reservation change per tenant. To request a change to your reservation, you just have to send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. expressing the change you would like to make. It couldn't be easier!

Yes. This situation is only applicable to 10 month contracts. With this option, you would not lose any money from the reservation and 100% of the 100€ reservation payment would be discounted from the first 5 contract you sign

To enjoy this option, you would have to make two reservations before your initial contract begins

PayPal is our reservation payment platform and is the fastest and safest way to make payments online. You can easily pay your reservation with a debit/credit card or from your bank account. PayPal charges a 5€ service cost per reservation which is much cheaper than it would be to make an international bank transfer. Transfers from America to Europe, for example, are pretty expensive and can cost you anything up to 50€!

Why do we use PayPal?
- PayPal is safe: PayPal securely stores your financial details and protects them with security and the market's leading fraud prevention systems. Also, your financial details are NEVER shared with amigoflats
- PayPal is flexible: You choose how you pay, by debit/credit card or with your bank account

The contracts are signed between the landlord and the tenant. With amigoflats, someone from the team will accompany you to the signing of the contract to resolve any queries that you may have and that may arise in this moment

amigoflats negotiates and validates all clauses in the contract that you will sign with the landlord to make sure that you are not made to sign anything that is not in your interest and to ensure that you are signing a real, legal document that guarantees you a right to stay in the flat for the stipulated time, something that, unfortunately, happens on far too frequently with other careless landlords. amigoflats wants everything to be quick and easy for you, thats why we handle this side of things so that your arrival to the city and move in to your chosen flat can be as simple and as problem-free as possible

In amigoflats, there are two possible contracts available:
1) 5 month contract: (1st September to 31 January) and (1st February to 30th June)
2) 10 month contract: (1st September to 30th June)

Contracts that are for less than 5 months are only available if at the end of the months of September and February, there are still some free rooms available. The last day of the contract cannot be changed and you can choose between either the 31st January or the 30th June, depending on your needs


If your original contract end date is the 31st January and your room has not yet been reserved for the following semester, you can extend your contract by another 5 months until the 30th June

If your original contract end date is the 30th June, you can extend your contract for periods of 2 weeks at a time, so long as there are rooms available for the requested period

No: If your contract starts on the 1st February, it is NOT possible to arrive sooner. However, if your chosen room is available as the old flatmate has already left, then there is no problem in you moving in a few days early. In any case, we can always offer you an alternative accommodation in another place for these days or weeks prior to you moving into your chosen room and flat (service only available for those with a room reserved with amigoflats)

Yes: If your contract starts on the 1st September, you can move in a few days or even weeks before, provided that there are rooms available. Valencia in August is a great time to come and enjoy its incredible beaches and sunshine :)

Yes. It's not a problem if you'd like to arrive 1 or 2 days after the official contract start date, but if you arrive later than this date, you should make a payment to the landlord for the amount owed the day the contract starts (the first rent payment + deposit - reservation payment)

Yes. amigoflats is committed to offering you the utmost transparency right from even before a reservation is made with us. This is why we promise that in the month leading up to your rental contract begins, we will make the contracts available for you to access via the tenants private area of the website, so you can see an exact copy of the contract you will sign with the landlord, before you actually have to sign it. Remember, we are here to help you with any queries that you may have with it

In some cases this is possible, so long as you move to another amigoflats flat. Just ask us and we'll let you know your options if you find yourself in this situation

Yes. All contracts have a deposit that is equal to one month's rent. If your room costs 200€ + 35€ in utility bills, then the deposit is 200€. The deposit is to be paid directly to the landlord when you sign the contract with them upon your arrival at the flat. They will keep hold of it until the end of your contract when it will be completely returned to you, so long as everything is in order, as stipulated in your contract

One of the advantages of reserving with amigoflats is that we intermediate between the landlord and the tenant to resolve all possible problems throughout the duration of your contract. We will always make sure that the landlord returns all of your deposit to you if you have a right to it

No. The deposit cannot be used as payment for the last months rent. The deposit can however be used to pay the excess charges produced in utility bills for water, electricity, gas and internet at the end of your contract

Yes. It is important to note that there certain situations in which it is stipulated in the contract that you would have your deposit forfeited. These are:
- If you do not fulfil your commitment to staying in the flat (break your contract) or if you do not pay the rent
- If you do not respect the neighbours relaxation time from 10pm (22h) to 8am (08h)
- If you do not take care of the flat and its furnishings or if you vandalise the flat or the community building
- If you break anything in the flat through wrong use or by lack of care

Yes. When you have completed your reservation and you have received the confirmation email from us, we will send you a login so that you can make your profile, which you will be able to access once its been validated. If you do not have a reservation made with us, you will not be able to access our social network since it is a private network, intended for just members of our amigoflats tenants community. Even landlords don't have any access to it. Also, there you will be able to get to know ex-amigoflats tenants too, who you can feel free to contact to ask any queries or questions you may have and whose tales of their experience may be of great use to you

If you have still not made a reservation with us, in the listing for each flat and by clicking on the Quick Info button, you will find a table with all the information about those who have already reserved a room in that particular flat. You will be able to see which rooms they have reserved, the duration of their contract, their sex (male or female) and the flag showing which country they are from

Yes. Although amigoflats guarantees that 100% of the information published is correct, if you are already in the city or have a friend who you would like to visit the flat for you, you can visit the flat that you like, whenever you like; we will organise a viewing for you. To do so you just have to contact us via Whatsapp on the telephone number +34 694 42 40 21. It couldn't be easier!

Yes. amigoflats wants you to contact your future flatmates once you have made your reservation with us, that's why we have created the first private social network for future and ex tenants alike. There, you will be able to get to know your future flatmates and also all other amigoflats tenants. Make friends and get to know people so that when you arrive in our city, you woll already have a great big group of friends who are ready to share this amazing experience with you... and if during the process you realise you have found your ideal flatmates in another amigoflats flat, then you can change places, no hassle

If you have still not made a reservation with us, in the advert for each flat and by clicking on the Quick Info button, you will find a table with all the information listed about those who have already reserved a room in that flat. You will be able to see which rooms they have reserved, the duration of their contract, their sex (male or female) and the flag showing where they are from

No. In ALL amigoflats flats, all of these services are already contracted and are in perfect working order. The landlord has all the utilities already contracted in his name, saving you the time and effort of contracting them yourselves and money, as many utility companies charge a high entrance fee to be paid when new services are taken out. The landlord supervises your consumption of these bills and will periodically tell you how much you are spending so you can keep on top of how much you are consuming

All properties have other bills that have to be paid. At amigoflats we have previously negotiated with the landlords so that this bills are NOT paid by the tenants, that they are instead paid by the landlord. These are: bills for the neighbours building community, taxes, maintenence repairs and home insurance

Aside from studying and working, we are young people who just want to have fun. We always say that with a little bit of common sense, anything can be done. amigoflats is however very strict on certain aspects, such as:
- If you don't respect the neighbours relaxation time from 10pm (22h) to 8am (08h) Monday to Sunday
- If any local government laws regarding noise levels are broken and the police has to come to the flat to report you
- If the communal living and fair usage of items rules are not obeyed

Doing any of the above could lead to you losing your deposit and/or your expulsion from the flat

Yes. You are away from home so of course we understand it is normal for you to have guests and that they will stay with you in the flat for a few days. Beforehand you must check with your flatmates to see if they are OK with you having a visitor, as you need the consent of all flatmates to be able to have them stay

If the guest is staying for a prolonged period of time, acts against the flat's communal living rules or acts badly with your flatmates, then they are in their right to report this behaviour and your guest will have to leave the flat immediately

As a general rule, the answer is NO. Our rooms are for individual use only

It is possible however that certain flats accept two people staying in the same room. You can find out if your chosen flat allows this option quite simply but clicking on the Quick Info button which will show you all the characteristics of the flat. This button can be found in the flat's listing and on the list of flats displayed after having made a specific search. If a flat shows the following information: Max. People = 4 and Bedrooms = 4, for example, then this flat would NOT allow couples, as each tenant with a contract has their own room

- In the communal areas smoking is NOT allowed unless you have the permission of ALL of your flatmates. Out of courtesy and for the health of those who are around you, it's much better if you go outside onto the balcony to smoke
- Smoking is permitted inside your own bedroom

No. The cleaning and order of the flat is the responsibility of all flatmates. All those with reservation commit by contract to maintain the flat tidy and clean, to clean anything and any space after using it and to participate in the cleaning tasks alongside all their flatmates. If you find it necessary, we can provide a cleaning rota, that is fairly split with tasks for each flatmate to complete to help you to keep cleaning under control

Optionally, if you need extra help with this task, then we can hire a cleaning professional to go to the flat periodically, but this has an extra cost

All those who have a reservation made with amigoflats have FREE Happyeramsus premium card membership in their city. With Happyerasmus, you will be able to get to know a whole host of people who are of a similar age and profile to you as well as enjoying the incredible adventures that they organise with different cultural activities, tourist trips throughout the whole of Spain and abroad (such as trips to Morocco and Portugal) and a load of nightlife options to help see that your experience in the city is an unforgettable and unique one